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The Must-Try Street Food in Goa

street food in Goa

From local delights to traditional Indian snacks and even Lebanese and Italian food, you will find it all at carts and small eateries in Goa. While it’s good to try all the varieties of street food in Goa, there are some that you just cannot miss out on. Here’s a list of the best street food in Goa to savour on your next trip to the state.


A Trekker's Guide to Devkund Waterfalls

The highlight of the Devkund Waterfalls is that it is one of the few falls in Maharashtra that comes under the category of a plunge fall. This means that the waterfall pours down into the valley with a strong gush. Go here in the monsoon, and you will know what I am talking about. If you plan to visit the famous Devkund waterfalls, here's a quick guide that tells you all the important details about trekking at the Devkund falls.

How To Take Care Of Your Fashion Jewellery

Artificial or fashion jewellery is popular with both, men and women of the modern century, this is probably because of its budget-friendly prices and durability. Despite the fact of its durability, you do want to take care of it, so that it will last a long time. It is important to maintain and take care of your fashion jewellery so that it does not lose its sheen and it lasts you a long time. Here are some tips that you can use to keep your fashion jewellery in the best shape.


Tried Speed-Scratch Cooking? Here's Reasons Every Reason to Do So

Hunger pangs can often get the better of us, and if you live a hectic life like the one I do in Mumbai, you’re surely binge eat anything you find on Swiggy, Zomato, or from the neighbourhood chaatwala.What comes after binge eating is repenting, we always tend to wilt in sorrow about our diets gone for a toss and about how we’ve lost track of our plans. So then, what is the solution to binge eating and managing to cooking up something healthy swiftly, we've got the answer.


Drinks For Cheap! Where To Buy Alcohol At Wholesale Rates in Mumbai

Nowhere in India is alcohol as expensive as it is in Mumbai. Whether you are drinking at a pub or at home, prices of alcohol can be steep on the wallet. However, what comes as some relief are whole liquor shops in Mumbai. We at Le Scoop have scouted the bylanes of the city to bring you our list of the best places to buy alcohol at wholesale prices in Mumbai.


Unexplored Hill Stations Near Mumbai For A Quick Getaway

Hill Station Near Mumbai

It is not always that you get a chance to head out to a hill station near Mumbai. Luckily, there are long weekends, sick leaves, and if you have a good boss, pre-planned vacations. 

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