Trial Separation for Masaba Gupta & Madhu Mantena?

Masaba Gupta had a well documented marriage to producer Madhu Mantena. But, things seemed to have sadly gone down hill for the couple. News hit telescreens and tabloids on Saturday when Masaba shockingly took to popular social media website Instagram to post about a trial separation.

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The Instagram post read, “"Both of us have taken this decision after consulting professionals and our parents. The only thing we are ready to say right now is, 'what we both want out of life individually and separately is putting unnecessary pressure on the marriage and the love that we share. Hence we would take time off from each other and our marriage to figure out for ourselves what we want out of this life'.We also want to say that this is a tough time for us and we want to really protect our privacy at this time. We still hope to find reconciliation in our individual paths and dreams and hence this privacy is important for us now. We are not strong enough to explain ourselves to even friends who deserve an answer from us. All we can say to each of them is give us time and give us love when we reach out to you. We now need a lot of it." (sic).


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