Tequila + Coffee: A Match Made In Heaven?

Sunday calls for good food, relaxing and cocktails. Tired ordering the same old cocktail, we decided to try a new one. Speaking to the bartender on drinks and cocktails, he decided to make us a tequila based cocktail with coffee. Coffee you say, Yes, coffee. At first, it did sounded a bit strange, but the cocktail is actually good, especially when you are looking for a drink after a tiresome day or a bad one. On request, the bartender shared this brilliant after party, after work cocktail recipe with us so that we can share it with you the readers. So here goes.

 Recipe for Tequila Coffee Recipe



150. ml Brewed Coffee

 30 ml Irish Coffee Flavoured Syrup (Use the one by Tastecraft. Available on Amazon)

 60 ml tequila ( use a measuring cup) 1 tsp brown sugar (Preferred choice - Royal Organic)

 30 ml whipped cream 

1 tsp cocoa powder 

 1 thin Lindt Swiss Thin


Pour the brewed coffee in a mug. Now, in a cocktail shaker, pour the tequila and Irish coffee syrup, give it two to three shakes and then pour it in the cup. Top the cup with whipped cream and garnish with a Lindt Swiss Thin. If you don’t have a Lindt Swiss Thin, use any other dark chocolate of your choice. Although the recipe says to use cream and top it with chocolate, we made it without the cream, somehow it did taste better. If you decided to try the recipe, do let us know how you liked it or not. Get talking in the comments below.

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