Gut-Friendly Snacks to Add to Your Pantry

Let’s face it: When it comes to food and work, sometimes healthy isn’t the number one concern. How often have you gone to an office function only to be faced with a table full of snacks that is processed or laden with sugar or full of fat? And a lot of times those office foods also aren’t great for people who might have stomach issues.

In fact, all that extra stuff you don’t need may be wreaking havoc on your gut, causing inflammation and the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Your digestive system needs whole foods, vitamins, minerals, and diversity in order for it to keep chugging along, feeling great and helping you feel great, too.

Prebiotics are one class of food that can help your stomach feel good. Those include cereal grains and oats, as well as legumes. In fact, you will never get bored if you focus on the wide range of options in this class of gut-healthy food. What else should you be eating? This graphic explains it.

Gut-Friendly Snacks to Add to Your Office Pantry InfoGraphic
Info-graphic attributed to : attribution to Zerocater


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