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DJ PAROMA is a clubbing soul, a nightlife lover, a bling freak from Mumbai, India. She started her career as a cabin crew at the age of 18. That’s when she flew international for a while and visited a lot of clubs around the world and was introduced to so many different kinds of music genres.

The experience got to her and she decided to take up DJ’ing with the confidence of suceeding in the challenging career ! The sense of beats and rhythm came straight from within, naturally and she's never looked back. In conversion with Le Scoop, she talks music, her goals, and tells us about her favourite place in the world.

When did you start DJing - and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Djiing happened just by chance, it was never a planned career option. I was an airhostess earlier, traveled a lot, it all was going well. But there was something missing, the need to do something where I can truly break free. My friends who were DJs inspired me to become one. I was trained and schooled under the best, Bob Umulo. From then on, there was no turning back after opportunities kept coming my way. 

What do you personally consider to be the decisive moment that made you want to switch careers to being a DJ?

I think I was always inclined towards music, and I realized one fine day that I do have some sense of music and rhythm in me. It surely made me consider DJing as my career. I did a lot of extensive research on this, and weighed the pros and cons, as I wanted to be fully prepared of what I was getting into.

What are some of the challenges you face being a DJ?

My biggest challenge which I initially faced was entering the profession which was considered a man’s job. Girls working late nights was not approved well back then, but I am happy I joined at the time when things and mindsets were changing and women were considered at par with men. My only current challenge is the jet lags I have to deal with and the travel that could get really exhausting at times. Apart from that I am in an absolute happy space.

At shows, how do you cope with audience request? Do you play music to everyone’s liking or sometimes take guest request?

I feel very happy when I get requests and dedications, as I come to know people’s tastes and preferences as well, which helps me choose my numbers for my future gigs. I always keep my crowd in mind though, as to me it is important to know and gauge what kind of numbers would my audience like. I do accept guests requests as well. It is very important to me that my audience go back with a smile on their face and remember the event for the longest time ever.

Being a global DJ, I am sure you have travelled to many destinations, which one has been your favourite and why?

My favourite one is definitely my first US tour gig, where I played in six cities. This was my first time ever I performed a gig in the West, and I was extremely excited, nervous, anxious as to how the crowd would reciprocate to my music and playlist. But to my surprise, their energy, enthusiasm and their love for Bollywood music made this my best and my most memorable event by far.

You were recently nominated for a spot on the top 100 2018 DJanes, how does this make you feel?

It takes a lot of effort to reach and climb the ladder towards the top. I am supremely happy and proud of myself and my achievements so far, as this has not been an easy journey. My competition however is only with myself and no one else. I like to stay grounded as I have been brought up that way, but I also aim to reach for the stars. I guess a combination of both of these help me reach greater heights.

Any plans to turn Bollywood music producer?

Hey, I never thought about this, but now that you mention, why not ☺ If I get the opportunity to do so, I would love to.

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