In Conversation With Mr. Shreyans Gandhi.

Mr. Shreyans Gandhi.

Walking down the historic and magical shopping gallery of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’s heritage wing, one cannot be oblivious to the beauty of the first and the oldest running store at the Taj, Gazdar. With the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Alfred Hitchcock, Shirley Mclean been patrons and connoisseurs of fine jewels and art, Gazdar has always been associated with quality gemstones and fine jewellery. This year the brand completes 85 years at the same location. We had the privilege to have a chat with the youngest and sixth-generation member of the Gandhi family, Mr. Shreyans Gandhi. Here are excerpts from my chat with him.

 The Gandhi family-owned Gazdar has been in the jewellery business for several generations manufacturing some of the world’s rarest and extremely high-end pieces. The patriarch, Mr. Dharmendra Gandhi has access to the rarest and most exclusive stones, thanks to close relationships and associations with gem dealers and miners from across the globe. He is blessed to possess a gift for setting the stones with the right design without compromising their beauty.

Where do you seek inspiration? What are the thoughts and ideas behind the collections? 

To be honest we draw inspiration from all over the world; be it history, art, architecture, nature, textures, colours, cultures. They are all important influences in the creative process of each piece. The stones have always been the starting point for our designs. So once we have a concept in mind, we let the stone dictate the jewellery. The gemstones become the hero of the piece and the design is curated accordingly.

 How do you define luxury? 

The Utopian Paradise
The Utopian Paradise 

I think luxury is not easy to define. I do believe that high quality products are identified as a luxury symbol. But I also feel, luxury involves exclusiveness and uniqueness, and not because it is accessible and affordable to few people, but because it's special and rare. Craftsmanship, comfort and detailing are also elements of luxury. A piece which is handmade with a lot of details, composition and comfort is luxury.

What motivates you? 

Passion. Having been trained in various aspects of the gems and jewellery business, my love for the entire jewellery-making process inspires me. The privilege of being trained under my grandfather, who has 65 years of experience working in this industry, has taught me a lot. Learning the nuances of the business has led to passion for what I do.

 Any Favourite piece?

The Utopian Paradise
The Utopian Paradise 

(Smiles) That’s always a tough one. But one of my favourite creations is the Utopian Paradise Ruby Diamond suite. It combines some of the world’s most exclusive natural Burma rubies with the finest diamonds. The Utopian Paradise symbolizes the magnificent beauty of nature. The openwork floral design is embellished with clusters of diamonds and rubies. Each piece of ruby has been carefully handpicked, reshaped and re-cut to bring perfection.


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