Get bowl-ed over with The Daily Bar & Kitchen’s smoothie bowls

There is two reason why smoothie bowls are "Darlings" of Instagram; one is that it looks splendid making it a great subject for a breakfast hashtag and its a delicious, mouth-watering and healthy way to start to the day. Keeping with this fun way to step up your breakfast game, The Daily Bar & Kitchen has recently launched a new Super-foods menu with these delicious energy boosters.

Highlights from the fresh offering include the Banana & Kiwi bowl (kiwi, spinach, banana, topped with granola, banana, kiwi and chia seeds) with toppings that not only make the bowl look pretty, but also add substance to the smoothie. The Very Berry Smoothie (mulberry, blueberry, strawberry & hung curd topped with malta orange, granola, watermelon seeds and seasonal fruit) is gluttony made good with fresh fruits and stocked up with vitamins. Peanut Butter and Chocolate (cocoa powder, banana & peanut butter topped with fresh banana, pecan nuts, chia seeds, granola & chocolate chips) is a vegan smoothie bowl that will trick you into thinking you are eating a luscious dessert.

Banana & Kiwi bowl Le Scoop

Whether you’re looking for something to treat your sweet-tooth or a power packed meal to energies you through your busy day, The Daily Bar & Kitchen will take care of it with its smoothie bowls.

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