Fashion Talk - In Conversation with Mr. Vikas Kherajani- Founder of Khwaab

Defining style with close attention to proportions and pieces, the House of Khwaab is reinterpreting fashion for the bold and the contemporary. Merging fashion with fantasy, the Khwaab designer’s handpicked curation of sophisticated styles and sultry silhouettes is geared towards a dreamy ready-to-wear line that is ought to be the mainstay in the wardrobes of the fashion forward.  We speak to the brand's head to find out more about. Read on to know. 

1. What made you realize that you had a lot of passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion started in childhood. My family is into fabric processing and my father would always keep on talking about the same. When I visited our fabric dying mill in 10th standard, I was mesmerized by the whole idea of creating fashion out of fabric. Although my initial journey was with men’s wear, my heart lay in fashioning women’s wear. 
The first apparel I designed was a salwar kameez. While it was not the beginning of Khwaab, the seeds for the same were certainly sowed. 

2. What do style and grace mean to you?

Well, fashion for me has always been about choice and the freedom to be what one wants to be. It is all about showcasing different shades and experimenting with different styles. And Khwaab stands for this very thought-threading individual dreams through fashion. 

3. How do you define style? Is it wearing something that suits you or an outfit that compliments your personality?

Style for me is something very individualistic. One’s style needs to speak for oneself without uttering a single word. I believe style is a combination of wearing something that suits you as well as something that defines you. It is this middle ground of individual style that Khwaab hopes to achieve. 

4. Describe Khwaab as a fashion brand?

Khwaab as a brand is about making fashion accessible to women all over, be it the UK, US, Canada or India. It is about creating a red carpet look both on and off the runway so as to make such fashion available to celebrities and everyday fashionista. All this, without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Tell us something about your latest collection?
Our latest collection ‘Into The Wild’ celebrates the wild nature and indomitable spirit of a woman. This collection is an ode to all those women who are unconventional. It could be the runaway bride breaking the norms of society or her best friend who does not want to get married but would love to dress up as a bride. This Into the Wild collection is about acknowledging and giving a wardrobe choice to the wild woman. It is a manifestation of her Bohemian streak, with logline silhouettes and a predominance of the colour white. After all, a wild woman deserves her perfect outfit, right?

6. Tell us about the line. What was your inspiration for this collection? 

Our line is inspired by the wild side of Mother Nature and the free spirit of every woman. The collection threads the hues of a woman’s freedom and lets her bask in her femininity. It is about providing the woman a wardrobe that lets her enjoy her wildness in full glory.  

7. What are some of the changes you would love to see in the fashion industry?

I think the fashion industry is already charting its course in the right direction, experimenting with different styles without following rigid gender norms. As long as we continue representing different voices, faces and experiences, I think the fashion industry is good. 

8. If you had to dress one celebrity who will that be and why? 

Going to the yesteryears, Marilyn Monroe would be the one celebrity I would have really loved to dress. There is just something about her personality that gives life to her wardrobe-the frills, a-lines and cherry prints. 
Coming to present times, Aditi Rao Hyadri is one celebrity I would like to dress. I already have experience of dressing up Shraddha Kapoor, but would not mind working with her again.  

9. What is your advice for others?

Honestly, I am no one to impart any sort of advice. Every person comes with their own sort of experiences and that defines fashion for them. Just be true to those experiences. 

10. Lastly, tell us about the one designer piece that you loved creating and why?

All the pieces of our latest collection are quite close to my heart. But one designer piece that does stand out is the runway bride gown. No, the muse for this was not Julia Roberts, rather it is the everyday woman trying to navigate the society while searching for an outlet for her wildness. This piece celebrates that woman, the one who creates her own magic with the madness within her.

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