Newly Opened - Big Bang Cuurry

One of the only things I love about Delhi is its food. One cannot be a foodie and say he or she doesn't love the food in India's capital. From its Paranthas to the Butter Chicken and Chaats, you cannot help fall in love with Delhi food. Thanks to some precious food, if you love Delhi ka Khana, you'll love the new Big bang Cuurry that's just opened in the suburbs. Here's more on this breaking new.

Few top dishes we loved at the place:- 

 Big Bang Cuurry’s version of Chicken Khurchan

Big Bang Cuurry’s version of Chicken Khurchan is made up of succulent strips of tender Afghani chicken, cooked on a tawa in a thin, yet rich and creamy gravy. The dish is only taken off the high heat until the gravy develops a fine-drawn smoulder. It’s then garnished with a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper, giving the chicken an undertone of mustardy, camphor. In essence, it is a very simple dish, packing well-calculated flavours.

Tandoori Momos Big Bang

In essence, it is a very simple dish, packing well-calculated flavours. Hearty eaters should place an order for the Tandoori Momos Big Bang. The vegetarian dumplings are marinated in tandoori masala, and then stuck on a skewer in a clay oven. Once the outer layer of dough becomes nice and crisp, the momos are placed into a pool of creamy, tomato gravy topped with onion, capsicum, grated cheese and a finishing touch of Schezwan sauce. The smokey, tanginess of the Schezwan sauce really brings this dish together, pairing nicely with the subtle sweetness of the gravy. A great way to enjoyed this dish is to munch on the Tandoori Momos first, and then sop up the gravy with a Butter Naan.

Mutton Kheema Masala

The Mutton Kheema Masala has a nice kick of heat to it, blended well with the tangy use of lemon, and speckled with tender peas. The Mutton Kheema Irani Tawa Fry has a mellow use of masalas, giving way to a smooth sweetness, complemented with aromatic spices, such as, cinnamon. You can opt to pinch some of the minced mutton mixture with a buttery pav; however, a crisp Missi Roti works just as well. 

They also have a variety of Vegeterian Fare , Sakett's recommendation would be the Soya Chaap & the Lassoni Methi Malai paired with Utterly butterly Naan.


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