Airbnb is Offering a Stay in Italy For Free and Here's How to Get It

We all have different travel goals, but the one common thing, is a free stay. We're sure that there is not one person who would not jump for joy at the thought of a free stay, especially in a country like Italy. If you're lucky enough and if the stars are on your side, you might just as well be on your way to Italy's Grottole for a period of three months on a free stay. Here's how. 

Airbnb has tied up with the NGO called Wonder Grottole and they are offering travellers the opportunity to be part of a the local community in Grottole. All you need to so is work as a home host for Airbnd. The sole purpose of the exercise is to repopulate the historical centre, this according to  Silvio Donadio, one of the founders of Wonder Grottole. 

At the moment, the town has a mere 300 people living in it, leaving 600 odd homes vacant, many of the town's citizens have moved to other bigger cities in Italy looking for better economical prospects and lifestyles. 

According to a source at AirBnb, applicants for the program will be given free at a local accommodation and have their travel expenses sorted out. The only catch is that those travelers selected, will have to work for the NGO and promote the city of Grottole as AirBnb guests and as tour guides. 

For rules, and other information about the sabattical  holiday, and to apply go to and apply before February17th, 2019. 11.59 PM is the cut off time. 


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