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A Trekker's Guide to Devkund Waterfalls

The highlight of the Devkund Waterfalls is that it is one of the few falls in Maharashtra that comes under the category of a plunge fall. This means that the waterfall pours down into the valley with a strong gush. Go here in the monsoon, and you will know what I am talking about. If you plan to visit the famous Devkund waterfalls, here's a quick guide that tells you all the important details about trekking at the Devkund falls.

Best Time to Visit Devkund Waterfalls 

It is best to go during the monsoon. Temperatures are cooler and the atmosphere is perfect for a trek or a day out. The Waterfall is at its striking best between the months of July and August when rainfall is at its peak.
In the monsoon, you should take precautions while hiking up the mountain, we will mention a few steps to take in the article below. 

Getting to Devkund Waterfall from Mumbai

By Road

You can get to Devkund from Mumbai by road. This is probably the most easiest way to reach. To get to Devkund, you need to drive to Karjat, from there to Pali and from there to Bhira. Parking is a bit of a problem in Bhira. So, it is best to drive to Pali, park your car there and then head to Bhira by bus. 
If you want to travel buy bus, you need to board one from Karjat Station, go up to Pali and change buses that go to Bhira. 

By Train

Catch a CST local to Karjat and from there a bus to Pali, then onto Bhira. Check local listing for bus timing. 

Getting to Devkund Waterfall from Pune

By Road 

The drive from Pune to Devkund is about an hour and a half. Follow map instructions, if you are using GPS or ask for directions along the way. The drive is fairly comfortable, but we recommend booking a cab from Pune to the waterfall as there is no proper parking facilities available near the falls. 
Buses to Devkund ply from Khopoli to Pali and from Pali to Bhira. 

By Train

There are no direct trains to Bhira from Pune. To get to the falls, you will have to take a train from Pune to Khopoli and from there a bus. 

Devkund Trail

The Devkund Waterfalls

The Devkund trail begins from the Bhira village. The trek will take you two hours to complete, at normal pace. To know where to start, lookout for the Tata Power plant or the Bhira Dam. Take a left from the power plant and the head into the village where you’ll come across a food stall. You could have a few snacks, get proper directions and then make the climb up. 

Please note that it is safer to take a guide with you to the falls. Local guides are available near the starting point in Bhira. They charge around Rs.100 per head. They know the routes well and can also tell you a few fun facts about the falls. 

Accommodation Near Devkund

There are home stays and mid-sized resorts located about 10 miles away from the falls. These accommodations have the basic comfort facilities and good options for food. 

For those willing to stay outdoors, there are some awesome camping sites available near the Devkund falls. 

Things to carry for a Devkund Waterfall Trek 

  • Carry mosquito repellents.
  • Make sure you have a torch.
  • A good pair of running shoes.  
  • A bottle of water for the way
  • A jacket, if you are going in the monsoon.

Things to keep in mind 

  • Swimming is not allowed at the falls, so do not attempt it. 
  • If you are in a group, always stick together, the path can get confusing.
  • Do not venture deep into the forest area.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not carry any edibles to the sanctuary or near the waterfall to avoid littering and unwarranted curiosity from animals.

There you have it, this is our guide to the Devkund waterfalls. From how to get there to things to keep in mind and a little about the trail, we have mentioned it all in this blog post. 


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