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Unexplored Hill Stations Near Mumbai For A Quick Getaway

Hill Station Near Mumbai

It is not always that you get a chance to head out to a hill station near Mumbai. Luckily, there are long weekends, sick leaves, and if you have a good boss, pre-planned vacations. 

If your starting point is Mumbai, you’re in a for a treat as you have plenty of beautiful hill stations that are just waiting to be explored. So forget your Mahabaleshwars, Lonavalas, and Panchginis, and head out to these amazing hill stations near the city of Mumbai.

Hill Stations Near Mumbai

1. Karjat

Mountain in Karjat
Mountain in Karjat

Not too far away from Mumbai, Karjat, is a fantastic place to explore nature and live a peaceful weekend. There are farm houses and homestays that offer comfortable accomodations, and one can experience a lot of outdoor activities in Karjat. In Karjat, there are a few temples and dams that are popular tourist spots. Getting to Karjat from Mumbai is easy. One can drive down via the Sion-Panvel Highway or travel by the Karjat local that can be hailed from Dadar Station in Mumbai.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approx 84 km by road.

  • Best time to Visit: Since Karjat is popular for its outdoor activities, going here in the months of June and September is best.

2. Igatpuri

Myanmar Gate
Myanmar Gate

Igatpuri is an oasis of beauty and tranquillity. Conveniently located in the Western Ghats, getting to Igatpuri from Mumbai is easy, there are many trains that depart daily from the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. One can also drive down to Igatpuri via the NH160 and Western Express Highways. Igatpuri is home to Dhamma Giri, one of the largest Vipassana meditation centres in India. At this hill station, you will also find a few small trekking spots where treks are pretty easy to do.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approx 120 km by road.

  • Best Time to Visit: Great to go any time of the year, but if you can’t handle the heat of summer, go during the winter or monsoon when the climate is cool.

3. Jawhar

Despite being not so popular, Jawhar has plenty of touristy things to do, and it is rather surprising. It’s pristine air and tranquil surroundings are ideal for treks or nature trails, and there are two iconic sites in the Jai Vilas Palace and Bhopatgad Fort that are worth visiting. Shopping enthusiasts can buy a variety of tribal artwork, handmade bags and artefacts, as well as Warli paintings that can be found at local stores in Jawhar's main market.  

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approx 120 km by road.

  • Best time to Visit: It’s best to explore the outdoors in Jawhar during the winter or monsoon season.

4. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a beautiful hill station nestled in the laps of the Western Ghats. Located about a 140-odd km away from Mumbai, this hill station is a must go to destination for anyone that loves exploring the outdoors. Here, there are plenty of trekking trails and ushing waterfalls to explore as well as scenic surroundings to soak in. If you have time on your hands, head a little away from Malshej Ghat and visit the historic Shivneri Fort that’s just about 40 km away.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approx 140 km by road.
  • Best Time to Visit: Ideally go during the monsoons. Bird lovers should get here in July to spot the lovely pink flamingos.

5. Bhandardara

Bhandardara has always been used as a stopover spot for pilgrims who visit the holy city of Shirdi. 

However, it’s much more than just a stopover point. Blessed with scenic hills, Bhandardara has some lovely spots for exploring, the Randha and Umbrella Falls being two of them. Visit is the Ratangad Fort which is about 23 km away from Bhandardara to soak in Bhandardara’s rich historic past. To get there you have to either take a boat or make the climb up the Ratangad hill.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approx 164 km by road.

  • Best Time to Visit: Summer is the peak tourist season here, but to experience Bhandardara in all its glory, go here in the monsoon (June- September).

6. Panhala

This hill station is blessed with a rich past, it was the place where Sivaji Maharaj spend most of his childhood days and has also been the capital of the Maratha people. Panhala is home to forts and caves, that are deep rooted in Indian’s history. The Panhala fort, particularly Teen Darwaza is a site that anyone coming to Panhala must see. Besides the fort, attractions like the Sambhaji temple, the Sajja Kothi and the Tank of Panhala are also worth visiting.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approx 380 km by road.

  • Best time to Visit: Avoid visiting Panhala in the months of April to June, that is when it really gets hot and sultry. The temperatures climb to as high as 35C in summer.

7. Saputara

Located in the neighbouring state of Gujarat, Saputara is a nice little hill station that’s ideal for family getaways. The drive to this cosy hill station is peaceful and lovely. Just like any other hill station, Saputara offers tourists with plenty of outdoor experiences, think natural attractions, trekking, river rafting, and hiking. For those who love to explore the culture, go here during the festival of Holi, when the local tribal people celebrate the Dang Darbar with dance, music and a lot of gusto.

  • Distance from Mumbai: The drive to Saputara is around 250 km from Mumbai.
  • Best Time to Visit: The winters are the best time to visit, however, if you can cope with the heat of summer, visiting during the months of April -May is pretty okay.

8. Toranmal

Toranmal is long a drive away from Mumbai but is complete worth it if you are the kind of traveller looking for peace and quiet. Tucked away in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1461, Toranmal is perfect for a lazy holiday. Here you can soak in the gorgeous views that nature has to offer or visit many peaceful temples, including the popular Gorakshaknath Temple. There are a few coffee gardens here as well as some lovely and beautiful lakes for one to visit.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Toranmal is around 450 km from Mumbai.

  • Best Time to Visit: To make the most of your holiday to Toranmal, go here during the monsoons. 

If you plan to do a weekend getaway from Mumbai, these are a few places you can look at. They are not difficult to drive down to, you could also take an Uber or Ola outstation if you despise driving on a holiday, or use public transport. 


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