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The Must-Try Street Food in Goa

street food in Goa

From local delights to traditional Indian snacks and even Lebanese and Italian food, you will find it all at carts and small eateries in Goa. While it’s good to try all the varieties of street food in Goa, there are some that you just cannot miss out on. Here’s a list of the best street food in Goa to savour on your next trip to the state.

The Best Street Foods in Goa

1. Croquettes, Chops and Samosas

In Goa, non-vegetarian delicacies are popular. If you are a meat eater, you have to try the non-vegetarian snacks served at the small local cafes. In places like Vasco, Mapusa, Panjim and Margao, you’ll find a variety of chicken, mutton and beef snacks that are delicious to pick up and eat while you walk around. The most popular non-vegetarian snacks in Goa are croquettes, potato chops and samosas.
  • Where to Eat: Cafe S F Xavier in Mapusa and Longuinhos in Margao


2. Chorizo Pav

Choriz Pav

Chorizo (Goan Sausages) is a famous delicacy in Goa. Locals enjoy it as a breakfast item or even as a tea-time snack. Eaten with bread, this spicy pork meat preparation is made using pre-cooked with onions and sometimes potatoes.
In Goa, especially on the main highway, you will find plenty of men and women on cycles serving chorizo pav as early as 7 am in the morning.
  • Where to Eat: You'll find carts and restaurants serving chorizo pav all over the city.

3. Gadbbad Ice Cream

Goa’s famous Gadbad Ice Cream is served in a tall glass or bowl. It is a combination of different ice creams served in one serving, topped with noodles and jelly. The perfect summer special, you will enjoy the Gadbad Ice Cream on a hot summer day, after shopping at the markets in Panjim or Mapusa.
  • Where to Eat: Navtara Veg Restaurant in Mapusa, Cream Centre in Panjim

4. Misal Pav

Spicy, delicious and nutritious, missal pav is a top choice when it comes to street food in Goa. Although it is made differently here than in Maharashtra, you won’t be disappointed with the taste. Missal is popularly eaten as a tea-time snack or for breakfast.

  • Where to Eat: Cafe Balaji, Anjuna

5. Poi

In the mornings and evenings, you will often find bread sellers on cycles with big baskets selling the local Goan bread called Poi. Made from rice husk, this type of bread is slightly sweet and fluffy. It can be eaten with curry at meals or just with butter as a snack.
You will recognize a breadman in Goa by his cycle’s horn and big basket that is covered with a blue sheet.
  • Where to Eat: All over the city

6. Chinese Fast Food

If you thought Goa’s street food scene was only about local delicacies, think again. Chinese is popular too. In Mapusa, Panjim and near the beaches, you will find street food carts serving hot and fresh Indian and Chinese snacks. Chinese is popular with a large chunk of tourists and even the locals enjoy it. Famous Chinese dishes in Goa are Chicken Chilli, Schezwan Fried Rice, Hakka Noodles and Manchow Soup.
  • Where to Eat: All over the city

7. Shawarma

Shawarma is one of the few foreign delicacies to make its way onto Goa’s street food scene. A far away cousin of the Khati roll, shawarma is not as spicy. Served with hummus or tartar sauce, this roll is wrapped in pita bread and is served with pickles.
  • Where to Eat: Haji Ali Restaurant and Shawarma King in Panjim

8. Bondas


A unique quality of bondas is that it can be made in different ways - spicy, bland or sweet. Traditionally from Mysore’s cuisine, bondas have made their way to Goa’s street food scene. Best eaten with chutney, bondas are enjoyed as a snack or for breakfast
  • Where to Eat: Michael Lobo’s Stall in Candolim


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